Adapting to your Ever-Evolving Market


Your New Market

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your market has drastically changed. What is surprising is that so many businesses have yet to proactively begin taking the measures to catch up. 

As more of the purchasing process has shifted online, all of the digital channels have become incredibly crowded. More than ever before, marketers are being held accountable for a large portion of the buyer’s journey. As B2B marketers ourselves, we know and appreciate this newfound responsibility given everyone has access to the same audiences, channels and seeing firsthand the oversaturation in the digital space

The fundamental question every company must answer is: what are you doing to break through the noise and stand out? 

Spoiler alert: increasing your content volume is not the answer. Although it seems like a logical solution, you’re not actually getting to the root problem. 

Your real problem is not understanding your market- it’s why success for both content and your products feels sporadic, it’s why leads are high quantity but low quality, and it’s why the competitive market feels so overwhelming.

Realistically, your competition is the risk of buyers not engaging with your offering at all, and thus your messaging needs to remind them why you are exactly what they need. 

We are here to solve this problem and help you optimize your growth. 

Our IDEAS Framework: Your New Marketing Unlock

It’s time to stop guessing about what your audience wants. Your precious time should not be wasted conjuring up new strategies and approaches, hoping they land. You don’t need more effort, you need buyer insight. 

That’s why we developed the IDEAS Framework to help alleviate your immediate problems and 10x your results by making guesswork a thing of the past.

The Sirkin Research IDEAS framework is a curated approach exclusively for B2B marketers to help eliminate uncertainty, resonate with your audience, and accelerate buyer journeys. Our modern research approach welcomes the complexities of your marketing channels and is tailored specifically to help you work with, not against, your unique market. 


How it Works

Every successful project must first begin by defining what success looks like. If you have no destination in mind how do you determine a roadmap for where you want to go? 

That’s why every Sirkin Research project begins with ideation. Once we’ve established the impact you hope to have on your market, we develop a research study tailored to your needs. Our modern research approach goes far beyond a set of generic questions scattered to the masses. Instead, we establish the underlying hypotheses that must be true in order to connect the dots of your story and intentionally test those hypotheses within your target market to ensure the resulting content connects with your buyers directly. 

Reading this may already feel like a lot… How are you going to make time for a research project on top of everything else you’re managing? An essential component of our approach is that you don’t have to. 

We handle the execution from end to end. We know our market which means we know you don’t have the bandwidth to take this on right now. That’s ok! In a blink of the marketing eye, you will already have a list of key storylines we’ve aggregated from the analyzed data. 

Your market moves quickly, that’s why research is so essential. But, that also means you don’t have the time to sit and wait for results months after developing a study- outdated data will only further exacerbate your market and dwindle your budget. 

The real magic of market research is aligning your product positioning that has new customers saying – “they are speaking my language”. That’s why we wrap up our process by presenting you the insights to supercharge your brand and authentically connect with buyers in ways your competitors have yet to even consider. 

But what’s the catch? There is ALWAYS a catch, right

Any modern brand knows that transparency is key to gaining trust. Research shouldn’t be out of reach, confusing, or shrouded in secrecy. That’s why we openly share our secret sauce and tailor everything about our approach to best fit your needs. 

We are in the business of modern research, which means your team becomes our team, and your success is our success. 

Wrapping it Up

Reach out to see how our IDEAS framework can power your growth!


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