Achieving Atomic Improvements with Jeremy Collins

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Jeremy Collins is the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Azuga, a Bridgestone company. He has spent his career building and leading sales teams through M&A and an IPO, as well as leading marketing teams within the Martech space. Most recently, he has led the Marketing team through the acquisition by Bridgestone. Jeremy specializes in revenue marketing where the strategy is driven by data insights that produce actions, and ensuring those actions produce results.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:

  • Focusing on consistent incremental improvement instead of big wins
  • Working as a team to build a playbook for success
  • The necessity of learning from failure to adjust your playbook
  • Setting transparent expectations between marketing and sales teams
  • The three pillars of marketing success: brand, demand, and expand
  • Capturing demand in the short term while building a brand in the long term
  • Leveraging your customer base to build your brand for you

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