Building Customer Trust with Deepak Sivanandan

Deepak Sivanandan is the Head of Global Marketing for Flowserve, a global leader in manufacturing flow equipment such as pumps, valves, seals and aftermarket services. Under Deepak’s leadership, Flowserve launched more than 40 products in the last 3 years including an IoT platform under the brand RedRaven. They launched their content hub, a virtual tradeshow platform under the theme “Destination Innovation,” and established their rapid response customer service center. Deepak is obsessed with the customer experience and is championing that across the entire organization at Flowserve.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:
  • The importance of building customer trust for mutual long-term success
  • Why no amount of design can replace the story for how it will serve customer needs
  • Being honest about your product’s capabilities and especially for what it can’t do
  • How to invite your customer to be a co-creator of your solution
  • Leveraging market insights as a key input to the product development process
  • Thinking about future customer problems and working to build solutions now
  • How curiosity sparked Deepak’s journey from engineering to marketing


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