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The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Marketing Teams

Challenge: Early in 2020, Coronavirus turned the world upside-down. Speed was of the essence as NewsCred wanted to get a pulse of how the pandemic was impacting the world for Marketers. We wanted to understand how this would change planned budget allocations and the long-term future of Marketing strategy.

Solution: We built a research study immediately and were able to execute within one week. The responses showed a dramatic shift in the Marketing landscape due to the pandemic. The deep insights allowed us to write an article on the NewsCred website with a detailed summary of the findings. In addition, we partnered with the NewsCred team to develop a webinar to share the results directly with Marketing leaders.

Results: The webinar resonated instantly with the audience, as it set a NewsCred record for the number of live attendees (over 2K!). The thought leadership story was very powerful and led to records for lead volume and drove an 80% increase in Marketing-Sourced Pipeline year-over-year. Because of our speed to market, we were able to get the story picked up in major publications. Our ongoing work has helped NewsCred win with their brand and beat sales goals despite the uncertain conditions globally.

Top Marketing Initiatives / Challenges for 2020

Challenge: The initial goal was to understand the major initiatives and challenges that Marketing leaders were facing going into 2020. Additionally, NewsCred wanted to build thought leadership content and own key industry search terms. Meanwhile, the software business wanted to get a pulse of their market to prioritize their product development.

Solution: We developed surveys targeted at enterprise Marketing leaders to learn their biggest priorities and challenges going into 2020. After thorough analysis of the survey results, we built articles for the NewsCred website to share the findings.

Results: The web content proved to be relevant for their target market, as it performed twice as well as the other content on their site. Meanwhile, our SEO team was able to get both articles ranked in the top-5 for industry keywords, including the #1 Natural Search ranking for the term 'Top Marketing Initiatives.' The thought leadership content reinforced NewsCred's place as the global leader in Enterprise Content Marketing.

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