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Impact of Trustpilot Branding on Trustworthiness of Advertisements

Challenge: The mission of Trustpilot is to build their brand into a universal symbol of trust for companies and consumers. The Marketing department asked for help on their brand positioning to reinforce their mission. The challenge was to tell a story rich with data about the value proposition for companies being listed on their platform.

Solution: Our solution was to build a study to quantify the value of the Trustpilot's brand equity. We created advertisements for fake companies and ran a series of A/B tests with a global consumer audience.

Results: Our analysis showed that 87% of consumers found ads more trustworthy when it included Trustpilot branding. With a strong message, we helped tell the story of the trust consumers have for their brand. In response, Trustpilot shifted their positioning and strengthened their value proposition. As a result, it helped catapult their brand into the top 1% of most visited websites in the world with over 3 billion reviews viewed every month!

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