Getting Personal (not Personalized) with Kristina Jaramillo

Kristina Jaramillo is President of Personal ABM, where she builds strategic social programs that drive sales cycles and revenue. Her team builds top to bottom engagement, relationships, and trust with previously untouchable enterprises. Kristina has reversed “no” positions, saved at-risk accounts, and created wins with previously unresponsive accounts.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:

  • The key differences between creating personal relevance and personalized content
  • Why revenue is the only relevant success metric for a successful ABM program
  • How to re-engage accounts that were active before “ghosting” you
  • Why your biggest competitor is not who you think it is – it is always status quo
  • Developing content for the middle and bottom of the funnel, not just the top
  • The counterintuitive benefit of focusing on accounts that are not showing intent
  • Why effective content is deeper than generalized role-based pain points


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