Harnessing the Power of Intent Data with Kate Athmer

On today’s episode we speak with Kate Athmer. Kate is the Vice President of Growth at Bombora. She is constantly looking for optimizations, testing new strategies, and finding ways to help customers extract more value from their investments in intent data – and beyond. Kate is also the author of Amazon best-selling “Millennial Reboot” – a book designed to help the go-getters of her generation overcome Millennial stereotypes and lead businesses through the digital revolution.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:
  • What B2B marketing should be copying from B2C
  • The advantages of being a target of your own marketing
  • How to balance the need for attribution without turning it into a game of claiming credit
  • Ensuring that you are mindful of the teams necessary to support the effort of sales
  • What the impact has been to the need from a B2B perspective for intent data with Bombora
  • Kate’s best performing channels when it comes to generating meetings for sales

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