Instagram vs. Reality of Entrepreneurship with Ginny Jacobs

Ginny Jacobs is the founder of Surprisingly Baked, the indulgent stuffed cookie company based in D.C. After a year in business and experiencing explosive growth, the company’s sales were quickly outpacing operational capacity. Ginny made the difficult decision to wind down the business. Her passions are in marketing, brand building, and customer acquisition, and not as much the day-to-day logistics of overseeing food safety or facility management of a commercial kitchen. That passion for marketing earned media coverage in many regional and national outlets.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:
  • The crucial differences between building a brand and running a profitable company
  • What led Ginny to wind down the business and go out on her own terms
  • The importance of having a strong WHY to being a small business owner
  • Why the perception of entrepreneurship is much more glamorous than the reality
  • Creating connection with your customer base by pitching your products in a unique way
  • Ginny’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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