It’s not Really about Marketing with Chris Harris

Chris is the proprietor of the Harris Football podcast, which has been honored with several awards, including Best Fantasy Podcast by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. Prior to launching Harris Football, he spent 8 years as an analyst at ESPN. In addition, Chris is a fiction writer, having authored 4 novels.

 Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:

  • What led Chris to launch Harris Football in 2015
  • The value in understanding your audience and the value you provide to them
  • Succeeding by doing things differently than your competition
  • How Chris reveals more of himself in his fiction writing than on his solo podcast
  • Cultivating a community and the special relationship Chris has with his audience
  • Identifying what you can bootstrap for your business and what should be outsourced
  • The limitations of leaning too heavily on data in analyzing football
  • Honing your communication and storytelling skills through reading fiction


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