Marketing has a Marketing Problem with Matt Hummel

Matt Hummel is the Vice President of Strategic Marketing at RealPage. He is focused on aligning marketing focus to accelerate growth by creating predictable and profitable demand through prioritized go-to-market campaigns and continuous sales engagement and enablement. Prior to RealPage, Matt has served as the head of Marketing at Social Solutions and head of Demand Gen at Thomson Reuters. Matt has a passion for all things B2B marketing, particularly helping organizations enable growth through centering all efforts around the customer.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:
  • The importance of defining the role of marketing within an organization
  • Proving the value of marketing throughout the stages of the buyer’s journey
  • What a predictable and profitable demand center means to Matt
  • Matt’s belief that he was destined to follow his dreams of a marketer
  • How Matt’s marketing background helps him understand what matters to a salesperson
  • Matt’s role at RealPage and RealPage’s value proposition
  • Why growth-focused and customer-oriented are important to Matt
  • How Matt helps organizations transition from being inbound focused to a more scalable ABM strategy

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