Personalizing the Employee Experience with Jess Podgajny

Jess Podgajny is the co-founder and CEO of LLUNA, a B2B technology platform that enables employers to offer personalized employment arrangements to employees. She has a passion for the human side of business. LLUNA was imagined as a result of almost two decades of career learnings paired with the realization that employment arrangements are ripe for disruption. Through LLUNA, Jess is challenging the status quo and encourages all businesses to reimagine the way they engage with employees.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short:
  • Creating an inclusive personalized employment with Lluna
  • Helping HR by creating less work through employee experiences
  • Being unique to each person in the job offer negotiation process
  • The real cost to companies of replacing employees
  • Personality in a name creates identity
  • Corporate culture adapting to the new way of life


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