Start Being Visible with Mildred Talabi

Mildred Talabi is a LinkedIn Visibility Coach, who specializes in helping women build visible and profitable businesses through personal branding and social selling. She has over a decade of experience in this arena, stemming from her previous career in Journalism, PR and Communications, alongside many entrepreneurial ventures.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Long Story Short: 
  • The importance of knowing your target audience in order to strategically engage
  • Understanding that we all have a personal brand and an audience to serve
  • Developing original content for people to hear your voice and get to know your values
  • Why Mildred chose to focus on the niche of women entrepreneurs
  • Navigating the fear of showing up and being too salesy
  • Shifting your mindset to understand that selling is a way to serve your audience
  • Measuring what matters most to your target audience and not vanity metrics


Start Being Visible
Visible Women Tribe 

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