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Combining the power of data and storytelling can change the world

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Open conversations and mutual accountability are the foundation to progress. With these values at the root of our company culture, we work to ensure that our space is one where every individual feels included and welcome. Most importantly, we commit to ensuring that none of this remains as a mere statement living solely on our website, but rather that these values are ingrained throughout our company culture and expressed in all of our actions and initiatives.

**Everything we touch is held to this standard as well**

Our Values

Jeff Sirkin:
Founder Story

My favorite question has always been WHY. It’s easy to observe the WHAT of a situation, but my focus is to dig into the inputs and causes that relate to an action. A compelling story is not enough for me – I need proof.

This curiosity led me into a career in Marketing Analytics. On my journey of connecting dots through data and storytelling, a few things have become clear:

  • Marketers are often guessing about what will resonate with their target audience
  • Understanding your buyer is the solution to the uncertainty as a marketer
  • When you develop a process to gain audience insights, the results feel like an unfair advantage

That’s why I built my own process to uncover the pain points and priorities for buyers. Seemingly impossible growth becomes a reality when you focus on the WHY and not the WHAT. I’ve developed a marketing ‘secret sauce’ that effectively sources insights from the market and generates content for target buyers, increasing demand and resulting in sales.

I launched Sirkin Research to focus exclusively on our IP-patented process for modern research. With a deep roster of clients, we conduct primary research for some of the fastest growing brands in the world.

Sirkin Research has a clear goal: to power your demand with audience insights and remove the guesswork from marketing. We help you to create content that resonates with buyers and grows demand to ensure you rise above your competition.

The insight you need in weeks, not months.

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You don’t need more research.
You need insight to drive demand.

We believe in a future where research is less about gleaning generic data, and more about providing clarity and direction to your business based on a tested hypothesis.